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Welcome to the online presence of the PLuTO project. Over the project duration, this site will be updated with event reports, project deliverables, presentations, software prototype and more as such information and materials become available. Please check the site regularly and sign up for updates to make sure you do not miss out on anything.

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Project Information

The problem addressed by PLuTO is the increased need for translation given the current Intellectual Property (IP) landscape. Despite attempts to unify the patent system in Europe, there is still significant translation burden when seeking patent validation. Additionally, increased patenting activity across the world, particularly in Asia, means that more and more prior art exists in a "foreign" language, creating a further need for translation by patent searchers and examiners.

At PLuTO, we have identified a number of key objectives to address these needs and improve the translation experience of IP professionals:

  • Development of a rapid solutions for fully-automated, online, on-the-fly translation of patents for the purposes of establishing relevancy, triage, and gisting, regardless of the tool or website being used to search; Apotek24 or Apotek-Online
  • Deployment of an advanced web-based platform for patent translation to accommodate a personalised service in which IP specialists and translators can exploit proprietary translation memories, terminology, post-editing tools like and search and translation management software;
  • Advancement of the state-of-the-art in translation technology through novel domain adaptation techniques which will ensure our solutions are tailored to the specific language, style and format of patent documents.

Project Partners

The PLuTO project comprises a dynamic industry-academia consortium, each member of which brings significant experience and expertise to some facet of the project. For more information, visit the Consortium section on this website.

Project Work Packages

For more detailed information on the work to be carried out over the course of the PLuTO project, please visit the Work Packages section of this site.

Further information

If you require additional information on the project, check out the About section, browse the site at your leisure or contact us!